Welcome Bishop Malone

We were honored to welcome Bishop Malone to our school today, December 18th.

He spent time visiting with our 8th grade council as well as visiting different classrooms. He joined Miss Kufel’s 2nd grade during a Math lesson and saw our boogie boards in action. He had an opportunity to use virtual goggles in Mrs. Larson’s 6th grade class and visit Jerusalem with the students. He also was able to see a student built robot in action in Mr. Metzler’s 6th grade.

He was interviewed by Haley Carver, Gianna Williams, and Dylan Cavarello, members of the WSAS News Crew.  We learned, among other things, that Bishop Malone has a black lab that he rescued and he enjoys taking him for walks.  The entire interview will be broadcast tomorrow during the morning news announcements. It will also be on our Facebook page tomorrow.

The school community then gathered together in church to celebrate Mass with Bishop Malone.

Thank you, Bishop Malone for spending time with us today!

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