The Lion King Jr. – “Hakuna Matata, It Means No Worries”

The Lion King, Jr. – “Hakuna Matata, It Means No Worries”

Disney’s The Lion King Jr. was performed at The Historic Riviera Theatre on Tuesday, April 24th at 4:00 & 7:00 p.m. The 60 minute Musical, designed for middle school aged performers, is based on the 1994 Disney  Original Movie.  The cast is comprised of approximately 150 students from St. Amelia School’s 5th thru 8thgrade, directed by Mr. Adam Kreutinger.

This classic Disney Title contains all of the songs from the Original movie Soundtrack that went on to become the only animated soundtrack to be certified diamond.  Lion King Jr. takes place in the Pride Lands of Africa after the birth of the King’s son.

This year’s show took place in a long-standing tradition of teaching the arts to students at St. Amelia School. But it is not just about building talent, as 8th grade Elise says: “I like to get closer with all of the cast members and I like getting to know them.”  The musical has allowed students to develop a sense of community with others that they wouldn’t necessarily get to know on a daily basis.

Since 2005, St. Amelia School’s Performing Arts Department has been showcasing the talents of our students.   Our students take weekly dance, drama and music classes as part of our curriculum. Our main cast of characters this year includes: Rafiki – Bailey Blanchard, Simba – Jacob Brenon, Nala – Samantha Tocke, Scar – Aaron Root, Young Simba – Emilio Izquierdo, Young Nala – Elise Waddell, Timon – Max Riso, Pumbaa – Ethan Dean, Mufasea – Christopher Wright, Zazu – Troy Lovria, Sarabi – Megan Murphy, Sarafina – Madeline Hammersmith, Shenzi – Ishita Singh, Banzai – Evelyn Zent, & Ed – Jaynee Roussie.

Students also have the opportunity to show off a whole range of talents. It is not just the main cast that gets to shine, but all students who take dance during the school day get a chance to try their abilities onstage.  The production also utilizes a crew of students, giving those who may not want to be on stage a chance to be a part of the show, while also learning the hard work that goes into creating the lighting and sound.

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