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Mrs. O’Day

Pre-K 3

I have been in Catholic Education since graduating with my teaching degree almost 20 years ago. My son, Grade 2, and my daughter, Grade 6, have been students at St. Amelia since Pre-K/K.  Three years ago, after closing 2 other Catholic schools, I joined the St. Amelia family as an educator.

The things I love most, besides my family and students, are Mickey and Minnie Mouse and spending as much time reading as I possibly can. The best part about my job is that it is not a job… it is a vocation. Everyday is spent nurturing and enlightening God’s greatest gift.

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Classroom Information

Welcome Pre K 3 Families!

  Please remember that I am always available at

This week Al and his friends talked about how you can include yourself in activities when others are already engaged.  We discussed how if we want to be included in something all we have to do is ask.  Also, we discussed how special each of is because we are all created by God.

Catholic Schools Week:

Our wing of the school will be focusing on the cold/Arctic weather with a focus on the Disney movie Frozen.  In preparation for this we have discussed how water can be changed to ice when it gets very cold (freezing) and the sun and warmer temperatures will cause the ice and snow to become warm and begin melting.  Our weather the last 2 weeks has really helped us in our lesson planning for this unit.  This week we will continue to discuss animals that you find in the Artcic , such as polar bears, the arctic fox, and the puffer penguin.  We hope you enjoy watching all of our hallways transform in preparation for our Open House in February.

In Religion we are focused on how special each of us is and how important each person is in our family.  We will talk about the favorite things we do with our families and how blessed we are to have our families.

The children learned that we are all the same on the inside even if we look different on the outside.  Hopefully they told you that we are all the same because we all have God and Jesus living inside our hearts and that God created each and everyone of us. We talked about how Martin Luther King Jr.  was an amazing man who tried to remind everyone of this.

Show and Tell:

Beginning on January 29th your child’s snack day will also be their show and tell day.  Each child is able to bring in 1 thing to share with the class .  They will have the opportunity to tell their friends what it is, where or whom they got it from, show them what it does, etc.  Then their friends will have a chance to ask them questions.  This process will help them be more confident talking and sharing with others and also encourage them to take turns when speaking.   Please adhere to the 1 item rule as we will only allow your child to share 1 thing even if they bring in more than 1. Also, you will not need to send in drinks on your snack day for the month of February (begins Jan. 29th).

If you signed up to send in something for the Monte Carlo class basket please send into Suzi Pekarski ASAP.

A GREAT big thank you to everyone that was able to donate wipes, kleenex, etc. to our classroom.

If your child is absent please make sure you are filling out a Home to School note each time.  I will put it in your child’s folder to be filled out upon their return to school.

Please make sure that you have provided a complete set of emergency clothes in your locker that is weather appropriate.  If your child has an accident you must send back a new set of clothes the following day.

Full day children- Make sure you have a rest mat, towel, etc and one stuffed friend or doll to sleep with if you would like. In the morning be sure to order lunch for your child and make sure you mark After School or Parent Pick-Up.

Afternoon:  Please make sure you are marking After School or Pick Up upon dropping your children off.

Water bottles- Each child may bring in a water bottle daily.  Please only fill this with water ONLY.

Everything needs to be labeled with your child’s name.

Snack- If you are a morning student you should provide snack and drink for 9 children.  Afternoon and Full day students need to provide enough for 21 children. we prefer juice boxes or small water bottles as opposed to large juice bottles.  It is easier if we do not have to worry about pouring and spilling in the classroom.  Please no HUGS drinks.  Please remember we are a peanut and tree nut free classroom.

Book orders-   You should expect to see these come home once a month.  If you choose to order you may do so by sending the form back with payment by check only (no cash) or you can order directly online using our class code QWFCN.  Any questions let me know.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact me via email.  My first priority during the school day is your children’s safety and education.  I will only check my e-mail on breaks and during lunch.  If  you need me for any reason during the course of the day that requires immediate attention, please contact the office.


Important Dates:


15- No School

16- Turn in your your registration forms for next year.

17- Happy Birthday Jaiveer, Harrison, and Roy

18- Book Orders due

20- Monte Carlo Casino Night

22- RSVP to the office if you and your family will attend the family breakfast at the CSW  liturgy on the 28th.

28- CSW Liturgy 9:00

1/28-2/2 – Catholic Schools Week activities and special dress days.  Please locate schedule outside the classroom.

Reading  just 20 minutes every night will help your child develop a lifetime love of reading.