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Mrs. Milette

Pre-K 3

I have been teaching Pre-K 3 at St Amelia School for 21 years. My degree is in Early Childhood and I always knew I wanted to teach this age group. What other grade starts and ends your day with  hugs. I wear many hats here at St Amelia School. I work the after school program, early care for pre k and kindergarten and summer camp. For the church on Sunday mornings I babysit at the 9:00 and 11:00 masses. My four grown children also attended St Amelia School and now my grandson. I love to spend time with my family especially our Sunday dinners. Some of my favorite things to do is gardening, baking and going to the movies. Drive-ins are the best!

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Classroom Information

Mrs. Milette – Pre-k 3

Week of  November 19th, 2018 

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Allergy Information

Please remember when sending in snack  no peanuts or nuts, and when packing lunches no peanut butter or Tree Nuts.

Our Class

If you have not signed up for a conference time yet and want to come in on Nov 19th or 20th let me know there are slots still open.

Al’s Pals

This week we will teach the children to STOP and THINK instead of acting impulsively.

Magic Penny 

Magic Penny is a reading program where we will learn new letters each week on the Smartboard. They will learn the letter and the sound it makes. This week we will do the sounds of the letters a,o, i, c and d.


We will be working on number recognition, shapes, colors and different number concepts. We will be working on our data books.


We will continue to work on life skills and social skills. There is a new program our class will be doing called Harmony. The children will  do some fun things with their Buddies this week.  This week Z will talk about how all things aren’t ONLY for some kids and not for others-that wouldn’t be fair, because everything is for everyone.

We will continue to review hibernation and what animals do in the winter.

Also in STREAM our children will learn Thunderstorms and simulate the sounds of thunderstorms through physical activity.


The children will discover that on Thanksgiving Day we give thanks to God for all his blessings.


This we will start after the first of the year.


Make sure you check out our account to see all of the fun things the children have been up to since the beginning of the school year!


Please remember to pack mittens and hats, we like to go for walks and sometimes it’s a little chilly! Make sure that they are labeled please!

Please make sure to check and empty out your child’s orange take home folder; important information goes home in the folder as well as the projects and crafts that your child worked on during the day!

Important Dates

November 19th and 20th- Conference Day 3:30 to 7:00

November 21st to November 23rd- Thanksgiving Break

Happy  Birthday!