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Mrs. Milette

Pre-K 3

I have been teaching Pre-K 3 at St Amelia School for 19 years. My degree is in Early Childhood and I always knew I wanted to teach this age group. What other grade starts and ends your day with  hugs. I wear many hats here at St Amelia School. I work the after school program, early care for pre k and kindergarten and summer camp. For the church on Sunday mornings I babysit at the 9:00 and 11:00 masses. My four grown children also attended St Amelia School and now my grandson. I love to spend time with my family especially our Sunday dinners. Some of my favorite things to do is gardening, baking and going to the movies. Drive-ins are the best!

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Classroom Information

Mrs. Milette – Pre-k 3


Week of  December 18th, 2017

Allergy Information

Please remember when sending in snack no peanuts or nuts, and when packing lunches no peanut butter. Also, we will have snack every afternoon.  Please follow the snack calendar when your child will have a turn to bring in snack and juice (or water) to share with their classmates. Thank you.

Our Class

We are going to be very busy next week with Holiday activities. Please look for note sent home with details.

PLEASE NOTE-  Also we are running very low on tissues and CLOROX WIPES we would greatly appreciate any donations we have a few children with colds and we are trying to stay on top of supplies. THANK YOU!

Al’s Pals

Our lesson this week is to teach the children kind words and how to use them. Also to teach the children that our words affect other people’s feelings. We will help the children to understand the feeling of annoyed and become aware that different things bother different people.



Magic Penny 

Magic Penny is a reading program where we will learn new letters each week on the Smartboard. They will learn the letter and the sound it makes. This week we will reinforce the letter a,o,i, c,d,f,m and introduce n sound .


We will continue working on number recognition, different number concept, colors, shapes, patterns and Math words same, different, large and small.


This week the children will learn the season is changing to Winter. The children will also learn how families will travel for the Holidays. Also this week our Character Ed word is Fairness.




 Our class will discover that they can honor Jesus when they are kind to each other and honor Jesus by praying. We will Celebrate Christmas and the birth of baby Jesus. Our class will finish the Advent books we have been working on.




This will start in January.


We have opened our Shutterfly account for our Pre-K 3 classroom. If you are not familiar with it, it is a secured website where we post pictures of all the wonderful things we do in class. That way, you can get an inside look at what your little ones are doing when you are not with them. The only way to retrieve the site and view pictures is to get a personal e-mail invitation from Miss. Krieger, our assistant who maintains the site. Therefore, NOBODY except those parents who have children in our class can have access to the site or these pictures. If you have any questions, please ask. You should have received an email inviting you in. Please let us know if you did not receive it.


Families -PLEASE send in hats and mittens, our class will still go outside when the weather gets colder.

Please make sure all items brought to school are labeled. (clothes, coats, boots, hats, water bottles, lunch boxes and book bags)


Important Dates

December 18th- Polar Express Day- Wear your pajamas

December 20th- Christmas special centers day

December 21st- Breakfast with friends and Baby Jesus Birthday Party

December 22nd- Staff Development

December 25th thru January 1st – Christmas Break

January 2nd- School Resumes


Happy December Birthday !!

Evan- 13th

Rylee- 18th

Samuel- 20th


Audrey- 31st