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Mrs. Milette

Pre-K 3

I have been teaching Pre-K 3 at St Amelia School for 21 years. My degree is in Early Childhood and I always knew I wanted to teach this age group. What other grade starts and ends your day with  hugs. I wear many hats here at St Amelia School. I work the after school program, early care for pre k and kindergarten and summer camp. For the church on Sunday mornings I babysit at the 9:00 and 11:00 masses. My four grown children also attended St Amelia School and now my grandson. I love to spend time with my family especially our Sunday dinners. Some of my favorite things to do is gardening, baking and going to the movies. Drive-ins are the best!

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Classroom Information

Mrs. Milette – Pre-k 3

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Week of September 17th, 2018 

Allergy Information

Please remember when sending in snack  no peanuts or nuts, and when packing lunches no peanut butter or Tree Nuts.

Our Class

We are having a great start to our wonderful exciting year! I am so proud of them. They are getting to know our routine, rules and procedures.

**PLEASE return the race labels as soon as possible. The school gives a portion of the money back to our own classroom for our in-school field trips and we like to bring in as many as possible. THANK YOU for your support!!!


Al’s Pals

Our class will start our lessons in the next couple of weeks.

Magic Penny 

Magic Penny is a reading program where we will learn new letters  each week on the Smartboard. They will learn the letter and the sound it makes.


We will be working on number recognition, shapes, colors and different number concepts.


We will continue to work on life skills and social skills. There is a new program our class will be doing called Harmony. The children will Buddy up this week and do some fun things with their Buddies.

In Science we will learn about Apples! How they get to the store, there are many different kinds, they taste different and how they grow. Our class will also talk about Fall coming next week end and changes that will be happening. Also we are starting our Stream Wednesday this week for 8 weeks. Our topic is “Getting Little Feet Wet”.



The children will discover that Jesus loves and cares for them. They will also discover other people that also love and care for them. We will practice the sign of the cross and a snack and lunch prayer.


This we will start after the first of the year.


Make sure you check out our account!


Please help your child be more independent by letting them put their own book bag and coat away in their locker 🙂


Important Dates

September 20th- HSA meeting and Meet the Teacher

September 28th- No School Faculty Faith Formation


Happy  Birthday !


Aleah- 12th