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Mrs. Milette

Pre-K 3

I have been teaching Pre-K 3 at St Amelia School for 20 years. My degree is in Early Childhood and I always knew I wanted to teach this age group. What other grade starts and ends your day with  hugs. I wear many hats here at St Amelia School. I work the after school program, early care for pre k and kindergarten and summer camp. For the church on Sunday mornings I babysit at the 9:00 and 11:00 masses. My four grown children also attended St Amelia School and now my grandson. I love to spend time with my family especially our Sunday dinners. Some of my favorite things to do is gardening, baking and going to the movies. Drive-ins are the best!

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Classroom Information

Mrs. Milette – Pre-k 3

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Week of June 11th, 2018 

Allergy Information

Please remember when sending in snack no peanuts or nuts, and when packing lunches no peanut butter.

Our Class

We would like to Thank our families for a wonderful school year! We appreciated all the help and donations you gave to our class to make it a successful year. We will miss all your children, Please stop by and visit us anytime.


Al’s Pals

Our lesson is to help the children understand that water is very important and we would feel like if we didn’t drink enough.

Magic Penny 

Magic Penny is a reading program where we will learn new letters  each week on the Smartboard. They will learn the letter and the sound it makes. This week we work  on blend sounds. Our class will also review letters p and q for our data books.


We will continue working on number recognition, different number concepts, colors, shapes, patterns, graphing and Math words same, different, large, small, shortest to tallest, size relationship and sequencing. Also part, whole and shorter.


Our garden is plants are growing! We have been watering and taking good care of them. We fun week planned for next week! Our class will be making a small book about growing. We will be assessing the children coming back next year.



The children will be visiting the church and talk about praying over the summer.


This week the children will be working on numbers and counting.


Check out our pictures of the picnic!


Please make sure your child has all their things from the cubbies and lockers.


Important Dates

June 13th- Last Day of School 🙁


Happy  Birthday !


Matthew  -3rd


-Gianna 11th

-Hannah 29th


-Anna 4th

– Ethan Z 5th