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Grade 4

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Classroom Information

Welcome 4th Grade Families!

All student information will be located here on this web page.  It will be updated daily.  If you have any questions please feel to contact me at


Class Schedules:

Class Schedules were sent home Wednesday, September 5, 2018.  If it didn’t make it home please email me and I will send it to you.



Your child should bring in a healthy snack daily.  We have snack during 3rd period.  Please make sure it’s a healthy snack that’s easy to eat and not too messy.  Thank you! 🙂


Behavior Plan:

We will be using a Money Management System in our classroom.  Students will receive money for following the classroom rules, being a good helper, having their agendas signed by their parent, etc.

The students will be given a checkbook register to track their money in.  This a great real world management system to prepare them in the future.  Once a week starting towards the end of September the students will be allowed to visit my store to purchase items with the money they have earned.

I have used this in the past with my students and they love earning money and being able to shop for things!


Harmony ~ Meet Up/Buddy Up Program:

This program provides tools for educators  to foster social connections among all students, and to support the social, emotional and cognitive skills students need to successfully negotiate peer interactions, develop multiple methods to build positive relationships and create an inclusive classroom environment.  We will accomplish this through:

  1. Relationship-building lessons and activities that help students learn and practice key social-emotional competencies.
  2. Everyday practices that provide students with ongoing, supported opportunities to interact with peers and participate in dialogue and decision making about issues related to the classroom community.

Our Harmony Goals:

  • Be kind to each other.
  • Be a team player.
  • Be respectful.
  • Be safe.



Students will write their assignments in their agendas every morning before class begins as part of their morning routine.  Some assignments will be completed in class.  Any work not completed in class will become homework.   It must be completed and brought back to school the next day or on the due date.

**Parents please sign your child’s agenda each night so that I know you reviewed their agenda/homework with your child.  Your child will receive $0.25 for everyday their agenda is signed to use towards our class store.**

There will be some assignments that will be homework given to students.  These will be given with due dates.

Examples : 

  • Spelling Sentences will be done at home to give your child more time to do their best work in cursive on Laurel paper.  This assignment will be given on Monday and due Wednesday.
  • Class Projects
  • Writing Assignments
  • Extra Credit Assignments


Homework Policy:

If a student doesn’t hand in an assignment on time 5 points will be deducted from their assignment for every day that it is late.  I will not take anything after it is 3 days late.  That assignment will become a zero.  If this happens I will contact a parent via email to let them know what assignment their child has received a zero on.


Half Days/No School:

April 18-26, 2019 – No School 


For Catholic Charities we are gathering Mississippi quarters and all other state quarters!  Please bring them in! 🙂

Monday, March 25, 2019

Spelling Words:

  1. event
  2. humor
  3. rapid
  4. music
  5. relief
  6. planet
  7. detail
  8. unite
  9. frozen
  10. figure
  11. siren
  12. polite
  13. hotel
  14. protest
  15. punish
  16. defend
  17. relay
  18. habit
  19. student
  20. moment

Bonus Word:

  1. rumor
  2. jealous
  3. license
  4. image
  5. rival


Math:   Pg. 633-635 /#1-11/Chp. 11 Test Thurs.

Reading:  Vocab Def. Pg. 624-625/ Test Fri.

ELA:   Pg. 101-102 / Part 1-3

Spelling:   Pg. 280 #1-10/ Test Fri.

Science:    Chp. 1 Test Tues.- Study

Social Studies: 

Religion:  Chp. 21 Quiz Wed.-Study

Writing:   Slides



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