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Classroom Information

Welcome 4th Grade Families!

All student information will be located here.  If you have any questions please feel to contact me at


Students will write their assignments in their agendas every morning.  If we complete an assignment in school a check mark will be next to it.  If it doesn’t have a check mark next to it the student must complete it at home and bring it back to school the next day or on the due date.

**If a student doesn’t hand in an assignment on time 5 points will be deducted from their assignment.**

**Parents please sign your child’s agenda’s each night so that I know you reviewed their homework with your child.  Thank You!**


Attention Parents:

**February 13, 2018 – Our class will celebrate Valentine’s Day due to Ash Wednesday.**

**Our class will be Snow Shoeing on Thursday, February 15th.  Please have your child dress appropriately with a hat, gloves and a warm jacket to wear to participate.**

Monday, February 12, 2018

Social Studies:  Study – Test Wednesday

Reading:  None

Spelling:  Spelling Sentences –due Wed.

Religion:  Chp. 10 Quiz Wed.

Science:   pg. 146 – 147 #6-9

Math:       pg. 255 #2-11/ pg. 257 #1-10

Spelling Words:  

  1. cupid
  2. Valentine
  3. heart
  4. candy
  5. chocolate
  6. flowers
  7. friendship
  8. February
  9. roses
  10. kisses
  11. love
  12. Jesus
  13. cross
  14. cards
  15. sweet
  16. poem
  17. Saint
  18. adorable
  19. lent
  20. angel

Challenge Words:  (BONUS)

  1. cherish
  2. affection
  3. sweetheart
  4. surprise
  5. favorite

** Valentine’s Day Party tomorrow – bring in your Valentine’s**

**Wear a Warm coat, hat, gloves, boots and bring warm clothes to school to go outside in**

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Reading:  None

Spelling:  Spelling Sentences –due Wed./ Spelling Test Thurs.

Religion:  Chp. 10 Quiz Wed.

Science:   None

Math:       pg. 261 #1-7/ Chp. 4 Test Thurs.

Social Studies:  Chp. 3 Test Wednesday


Wednesday, February 15, 2018

Reading:  None

Spelling:  Spelling Test Thurs.

Religion:   Stations of the Cross Wksht.

Science:   Lesson 4 Wksht.

Math:       Chp. 4 Test Thurs.

Grammer:  Verb Wksht.

Social Studies:  None


** Snowshoeing is on thus far for tomorrow***

**Bring in a game to play with a friend or friends**