Mrs. Kane

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Mrs. Kane

8th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Math / Algebra

I have been teaching at St. Amelia School since 2011. I started as the math resource teacher for kindergarten through grade 4 and then the following year became the 7th and 8th grade math teacher, where I have been ever since.  Along with teaching 7th and 8th grade math, I also teach two advanced courses including Regents Algebra.  I graduated from Niagara University in 2008 with my bachelor degree in childhood and middle childhood education with a concentration in mathematics. I received my masters in literacy from Niagara in 2010.  Throughout my years at St. Amelia I have had the opportunity to be the National Junior Honor Society advisor as well as the advisor to the Engineering Club.

Some interesting facts about me:

  1. I was a first time mother in June 2017
  2. I LOVE the Buffalo Sabres (even though they are disappointing)
  3. I like to unwind by watching reality shows such as Survivor and Amazing Race

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Classroom Information

Welcome to Mrs. Kane’s Webpage…

Here you will be able to find the homework assignments for the week along with notifications to any tests or quizzes. If you need to access the class notes, the online textbook, or math tutorial websites, those can all be found on my class website:

Week of December 11th:

Please check here for nightly homework assignments & any tests that may be coming up.
**REMEMBER** Mathletics is Due EVERY Friday by 11:59 p.m.

 Math 7 

Important Information:

Integer Quest Make-ups due: Thursday, December 14th

Need to Know:

Integer key words, Operating with Integers & Word Problems


Monday ~ p. 267 evens & 275 evens

Tuesday ~ p. 287 1-8

Wednesday ~ p. 295 1-9

Thursday ~ 

Friday ~  

Math 8

Important Information:

Graphing Quest: Friday, December 15th 

Need to Know:

How to find Slope (from table, graph & 2-points), finding slope & y-intercepts from a graph/equation, Graphing y=mx+b


Monday ~ p. 202 #1, p. 205 22&23, p. 206 25-27

Tuesday ~ Worksheet

Wednesday ~ Review Sheet

Thursday ~ Study

Friday ~  Graphing Quest


Important Information:

Exponents & Sci. Notation Test: Wednesday, December 13th

 Need to Know:  

Laws of Exponents, Writing Numbers in Scientific Notation <-> Standard Form, Operating w/ Sci. Notation 


Monday ~ Review Sheet

Tuesday ~ Study

Wednesday ~ Test

Thursday ~ None

Friday ~  p. 101 11-16 & p. 102 (skip 11-14)

Math 7A

Important Information:

Bring book from now on to math class

Need to Know: 


Monday ~ p. 115 1-9

Tuesday ~ p. 125 1-6

Wednesday ~ p. 127 19-27

Thursday ~ 

Friday ~  Friday Quiz