Mrs. Grande


Mrs. Grande

Pre-K 4

I am the mother of 4 children who have attended or are still attending at St. Amelia School. I have been teaching for 17 years and know that Pre-K is where I should be. I love animals and currently have 4 classroom pets. I also love to read and garden.

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Classroom Information

Week of October 16th:

A big “Thank You!” to Buffalo Firefighter Terry Schmand (Liam’s Dad) for teaching us all about fire safety and that Firefighters are our friends!  Please make sure you practice fire drills at home and have a meeting place outside for you and your child to meet.  Brighton Volunteer Fire Dept. will bring a fire truck for us to see on Friday.

Please send in a family photo.

Welcome to Miss O., our Junior Participant from Buffalo State College.  She is with us on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

The children have been learning some rules for a safe and happy classroom.  Please review these at home with your child.

  1.  We are respectful listeners to our teacher and our classmates.
  2.   We keep our hands to ourselves.
  3.   We play with the toys gently and in appropriate ways (no smashing, ripping or using them as weapons.)
  4.   We raise our hand and wait to be called if we have something to say

We have apples and receive stickers for when the teachers “catch” the children doing the right thing.  We also have Free Choice Play time.

Show ‘N Tell has begun on your child’s snack day.  Please practice the presentation at home.

October Snack Calendar was sent home last week.  We have peanut and garlic allergies in our room so we are asking for snacks that do not contain these ingredients.

Reminders:  The children are welcome to bring in a water bottle (only water, please) everyday.   

We are going to make an attempt to go outside everyday.  Please check the weather and send in appropriate outer wear.

Also, please check that your child’s extra set of clothes is weather appropriate and that they have an extra pair of underwear and socks as well.

Please be sure to check your child’s backpack and folder everyday and put any notes for me in your child’s folder.  If your child is absent, I will need a note from home.  I have a supply in the classroom if you need some.

What are we learning about?

Religion: Jesus is the Good Shepherd.  We will be visiting the Church and learning what a Holy place is.  

Math:  Everday calendar, number 3, color review, graphing.

ELA:  Name recognition. Please help your child practice their name with a capital letter at the beginning and the rest lower case.  Letters A and B.

Science:  Seasons:  Autumn.  Weather. 

Social Studies:  Halloween customs; Al’s Pals will teach us about sharing and how to take turns.  

Encore Classes:

Monday:  Art with Mrs. Williams

Tuesday:  Computers with Mrs. Lukas

Wednesday:  Fitness with Mrs. Metzger.  Wear sneakers.

Thursday:  Music with Miss Smigielski.

Friday:  Phys. Ed. with Mr. Wojcicki.  Wear sneakers.

Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, October 31st:  Halloween Party and Parade at 1:00 PM.

We are always in need of Baby Wipes, empty toilet/paper towel rolls and hand sanitizer! We also need glue sticks. Donations greatly appreciated!

Some great free websites for your children: www. and

Please check out the Buffalo Museum of Science!  They have great membership deals and great Learning Camps when school is not in session!