Mrs. Grande


Mrs. Grande

Pre-K 4

I am the mother of 4 children who have attended or are still attending at St. Amelia School. I have been teaching for 17 years and know that Pre-K is where I should be. I love animals and currently have 4 classroom pets. I also love to read and garden.

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Classroom Information

Week of March 25th: 

Please remember to check that your child has a change of clothes appropriate for the weather.

For our Lenten sacrifice, we will be collecting money for Catholic Charities.  Outside of the classroom, there will be a jar for money.  We will be having a “quarter” contest so our class is looking for NY quarters but, of course, any donations are appreciated! Thank you to all who have donated already!  Be sure to check our progress on the thermometer outside our door.

Each child will be bringing home a letter to decorate with things that start with that letter.  Please return those as soon as possible.  Everyone will get to do one so watch the folders…

We are overloaded on juice again.  I will let you know when we are low again. 

Show ‘N Tell:  Beginning Wednesday, March 6, your child should bring in an item that begins with the letter circled on his/her snack day.  Example:  For Aa, bring in a stuffed alligator.  Optional:  Snack could also begin with the letter!

We have been “catching” the children being good!  If they are polite, kind, help without being asked, rest nicely, etc., they will get to color in a gumball.  After 10 gumballs, they get to pick out of the Treasure box.  Keep up the good work!

Please remember to have your child wear sneakers on Wednesday and Friday.

Please check your child’s orange folder everyday for important information. Please put any notes for the teacher in the folder as we check them everyday.   If your child is absent, we will need a note from home.  We have a supply in the classroom if you need some.

Reminders:  The children are welcome to bring in a water bottle (only water, please) everyday.

Also, please check that your child’s extra set of clothes is weather appropriate and that they have an extra pair of underwear and socks as well.

March Snack Calendar was sent home. We now have 23 children in our class. 

What are we learning about? 

Religion: Baptism and becoming a member of the Church.  Please fill out the Baptismal certificate for your child that will be coming home on Monday.  Please send in any Baptismal pictures you have as well.  If your child has not been Baptized, s/he may bring in a baby picture. 

 We will be looking for children acting as Jesus’ friend and as a reward they will get to wear a “Friend of Jesus” necklace to let everyone know.  It will come home with your child.  Please remember to return it the next school day.

ELA:  Recognizing and writing our name using a capital letter followed by all lowercase letters. We have begun learning letters and their sounds.  Ask your child to sing their letter sound songs. Letters Oo, Pp and Qq.

Handwriting Readiness:  Stroke practice, letters Gg, Hh and Ii.

Social Studies:  With Al, we will talk about being healthy.

Math:  Number 7.  Patterns.


Monday, Art with Mr. Szablewski

Tuesday, Technology with Mrs. Lukas

Wednesday, Fitness with Mr. DeVille.  Please wear sneakers!

Thursday, Music with Ms. Evans

Friday, Gym with Mr. Wojcicki.  Please wear sneakers. 

Upcoming Events:

Ava Whitehead Scholarship Ball, March 31, 5:30-7 PM. Banchetti’s. 

Student Led Conferences, Monday, April 15.  Schedule to follow!


Some great free websites for your children: www. and

Please check out the Buffalo Museum of Science!  They have great membership deals and great Learning Camps when school is not in session!