Mrs. Carroll


Mrs. Carroll

5th Grade Teacher

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I ♡ teaching 5th grade! There’s just something special about this grade that is just the right combination of confidence & growth- mixed with a lot of laughs! I grew up in Kenmore and spent all my years of schooling in a public school-but Catholic Schools are where my heart beats! I could not imagine teaching without sharing my faith!

My family consists of my amazing husband (aka Mr. Carroll) and our new Golden Retriever puppy Millie. Both of these characters make appearances throughout the school year. In my spare time (ha ha) I love to read, shop, bake and spend time with our families.

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Classroom Information

March 25, 2019  


  • Read 20 minutes every night
  • Biography Book Report Due 4/1
  • Work on WONDER Novel Study pages!


  • Sentences 1-12


  • Lesson Check due Tuesday



  • Lesson 6.


  • Lenten Promise


  • GUM Book page 

Social Studies:

  • Study for Social Studies quiz on the first 10 states on Friday


  • Join us for school liturgy on Wednesdays at 10:30am
  • We are reading the novel WONDER, please have an open discussion with your child about what they have read & talked about.
  • Our spelling words are going to be challenging the next few weeks. They are vocabulary from our novel, so we are taking our time and learning more than just the spelling of the word. We will keep the same words for a few weeks.
  • Please help us with our State Quarter Competition! Our state quarter is Texas, but we will take any quarters or coins to help raise money!

Spelling Words

  1. psyched-being super excited about something
  2. verbosity-using too many or excessive words
  3. ruminate– reflect deeply
  4. audiology-branch of science that deal with hearing
  5. bionic-having artificial body parts, especially electromechanical ones
  6. euphoric-feeling elated or super happy
  7. flubbed-to botch or mess something
  8. bungalow-a small house with a single story
  9. obsession-to be fixated on something
  10. incantation-casting a spell or magical effect
  11. tic-a an uncontrollable twitch
  12. fluke-unlikely chance occurrence, especially a surprising piece of luck
  13. monologue-a dramatic speech by a single actor
  14. spitefully-action with the intention of being mean
  15. protocol-code of correct conduct
  16. rappelled-the act or method of moving down a steep incline.
  17. artifact-Any object made by humans, especially those from an earlier time
  18. seismic-pertaining or caused by an Earthquake, or vibration of the Earth, due to natural causes.
  19. detached-no longer connected or joined
  20. hypocrite-a person who professes beliefs that he or she does not hold
  21. stringent-demanding strict attention to rules and procedures
  22. inclusion-children with special needs are included in regular classrooms.
  23. illuminate-make lighter or brighter
  24. sympathetic-showing concern or caring for someone