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Pre-K 4

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Classroom Information

Week of May 28, 2018

Please look for a note with important information about our upcoming Field Day in your child’s folder.

I will have a sign up sheet outside of our classroom for items we will need that day. Thank you in advance!

Religion-this week we will practice all the prayers we learned this year including our special prayers of petition.

Math- This week we will continue to review numbers 1-20 and practice writing the numbers. We are also practicing our house address and telephone mubers

ELA-this week we will review the letters we learned this year and the sounds they make.

Upcoming Events

May 25-28 Memorial Weekend

June 7-Pre-K Field Day (more details to follow)

June 12- Pre-K Field Trip to Kelkenburg Farm

June 13-Last Day of Pre-K

Wish List: items we use often throughout the year:

baby wipes

glue sticks-we are running low on glue sticks

lysol wipes

Thank you to everyone who has been so generous already!

Our Encore Classes:

Monday-Morning -Fitness Wear sneakers.

Tuesday-Morning/Afternoon. Music

Wednesday-Afternoon-Fitness. Wear sneakers. 

Thursday-Morning/Afternoon- Art with Mrs. Williams.

Friday-Morning/Afternoon- Technology with Mrs. Lukas.



Please remember to place the yellow take home folders in the box on our table when you arrive.

AM Students- 7:30-10:45 . Drop off at classroom, pick up at front door. Thank you to those who have already sent in their photos.

PM students- 11:30-2:30. Drop off at classroom, pick up at front door. (Remember to mark the after school sheet if your child is staying after school) .

Full Day students- 7:30-2:30. Drop off at classroom, pick up at front door. (Remember to mark the lunch /after  school sheet).

Some great free websites for your children: an