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Mrs. Adymy

Pre-K 4

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Classroom Information

Week of March 19, 2018

Religion- Children will understand that there are many ways to pray.

Math- This week we will have fun counting and writing numbers

ELA-this week we will practice the letter Tt.

Upcoming Events

Thank you to everyone who donated for our Easter Baskets for the needy. We were able to make three beautiful Easter baskets.

Easter celebration March 27th-if you would like to send in wrapped treat for the children please send enough for:



Full Day-25

Wish List: items we use often throughout the year:

baby wipes

glue sticks-we are running low on glue sticks

lysol wipes

Thank you to everyone who has been so generous already!

Our Encore Classes:

Monday-Morning -Fitness Wear sneakers.

Tuesday-Morning/Afternoon. Music

Wednesday-Afternoon-Fitness. Wear sneakers. 

Thursday-Morning/Afternoon- Art with Mrs. Williams.

Friday-Morning/Afternoon- Technology with Mrs. Lukas.



Please remember to place the yellow take home folders in the box on our table when you arrive.

AM Students- 7:30-10:45 . Drop off at classroom, pick up at front door. Thank you to those who have already sent in their photos.

PM students- 11:30-2:30. Drop off at classroom, pick up at front door. (Remember to mark the after school sheet if your child is staying after school) .

Full Day students- 7:30-2:30. Drop off at classroom, pick up at front door. (Remember to mark the lunch /after  school sheet).

Some great free websites for your children: an