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Welcome to Art Class!

My name is Mr. Szablewski (Mr. S) and I am so excited to be here at St. Amelia School this year to teach art! This year, students will be learning about art throughout the last 200 years, and they will also be learning about famous artists and lesser known artists from Buffalo, New York. It is my belief that students can only connect to the arts if they are taught that there are artists that live and create around them. Some of the Buffalo artists include; Jackie Hart, Thomas Asklar, Joseph Piccillo, Adam Kreutinger, Julia Douglas, George Palmer, Philip Burke, and many others. We will also talk about world renowned artists such as Georgia O’Keefe, Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Jackson Pollock, Jacob Lawrence, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo da Vinci, and others.

Your children will not only create artwork, but they will also learn to appreciate and participate in the art community in their school and in their neighborhoods and communities. We will also discuss that art is not just drawing and painting and sculpting, but it also encompasses theater, music, dance, and can also be found in all other disciplines.

All students are asked to have an art smock when they come to class. This is to protect their uniforms. I ask that you make sure that your child has an old shirt, t-shirt, or apron that they can dedicate to art class. This will prevent any accidents from happening. I appreciate your assistance. If your child does get paint on their uniforms here is a solution.

– Removing Tempura Paint – We use Crayola Brand tempura paint for most projects, and according to the label, it is washable. If an accident happens, soak the piece of clothing in warm water and add a little laundry detergent to the stain. Let it soak and place in the wash. This should work. You may need to wash it twice to get the stain our completely, depending on the color used.

– Removing Acrylic Paint –  This paint will come off of skin easily, but usually does not come out of clothing. Students will be reminded to wear their art smocks every time we use this paint.

I encourage you as parents to assist me in instilling a love of the arts in your child. I will post community events on this page that are affordable or free to the public, where you could make memories with your child by experiencing the arts together.

If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to send me an email. I can be reached at I look forward to working with your child this year!

-Mr. Szablewski

Last Week in Art!

Week of October 14, 2018

ART JOURNALS FOR GRADES 5-8 are due on the week of October 28!

Students Grade 5-8 are going to be asked to complete an art journal this year. This is an opportunity for students to write paragraphs about the art that they encounter in their every day lives. Five to ten paragraphs are due once a quarter. Week 8 of the quarter I will ask to see them, and if they are completed, they will get 50 points. Topics include: Art galleries, Concerts, Theatre, Design, logos, murals, or anything that is art. Art is everywhere.

Pre-K – Students will continue working on their “Starry Night In A Pumpkin Patch” project..

Kindergarten – Students will learn about color mixing and will create their own Fall Landscape compositions.

1ST Grade -Students will learn about Mosaics and will begin creating their own mosaics

2ND Grade – Students will learn about measuring with a ruler, and color mixing with watercolor paints.

3RD Grade – Students will learn about art installation projects, and will choose people in their communities to celebrate. Students will create an art installation piece.

4TH Grade – Students will learn about continuous line observational drawing.

5TH Grade – Students will learn about Edvard Munch and will begin a “What Makes You Scream” project for Halloween.

6TH Grade – Students will learn about Buffalo artist, Jackie Hart, and will begin working on their own continuous line portraits. (They will draw portraits using only one line!)

7TH Grade – Students will learn about positive and negative space in designing, and they will begin working on a composition with the first letter of their last names.

8TH Grade – Students will continue working on their comic strips!

STREAM – Students will learn about Stained Glass, and will begin designing their own small stained glass window projects.

FILM – Students will be introduced to the work of animators and film makers by playing acting games, and will be introduced to the film making course they will take the second time they come to art each week.