Mr. Seel


Mr. Seel

Tech Assistant

I grew up and have lived in Tonawanda for most of my life. I went to school for both 3D Computer Modeling/Animation as well as Network Administration.  From a very young age, I have repaired and maintained computer hardware and software. Professionally I ran my own PC Repair business as “The Gadget Inspector” for nearly 6 years.

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A/V Club

Audio/Visual Club is a free after school club I have started as both an extension of our “WSAS news-crew” as well as a way to get junior high students to learn-by-doing.  I have planned several projects, each lasting 1 or 2 months long. Individual projects will have the goal of introducing concepts I don’t normally have time to go into detail about during news crew.


Project 1: Music Video (Goals: story-boarding, editing, production schedule)

After getting song ideas from club members I narrowed it down to 5 candidates that they got to choose from. From there they broke into 2 groups with the top 2 songs.

Here Comes the Sun – Beatles

Addisyn, Autumn, Landon, Liam, Sam, Alexa


Renegades – X Ambassadors

Addison, Caleb, Noah, Olivia, Joe, Owen, Paul, Nolan

Project 2: WSAS Christmas Special.  Students produced a Christmas variety show that was played for the whole school the last day before break. Segments included a school sing-a-long, a short comedy skit, and a Christmas message from the faculty and staff.

Project 3: A small animation to be used as the intro to the morning news. Students broke into pairs or worked on their own projects to produce a 10 second animation as a replacement for the intro graphics for our school’s morning news.