Mr. Rajczak


Mr. Rajczak

8th Grade Homeroom Teacher

US History

Grades 7 and 8

Mr. Rajczak has been a Catholic School Teacher for 37 years.He has been recognized as a Religious Educator of the Year twice. He has written twenty children’s books on topics as diverse as Meet the President, The Haunted White House, and Texas Geography to Stink Bugs, Sea Urchins, and Amber. His latest is titled Citizen Scientist due to be available in early 2018.

After raising two wonderful and very successful children, he and his wife like to travel.
Mr. Rajczak has been here at St. Amelia School  for the past ten years. One of his favorite activities is the Grade 8 Trip to Washington, DC.

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Classroom Information

Grade 8 room 4
Mr. Rajczak’s fantastic/wonderful homeroom

Thank you to the six parents who have already signed up for parent-teacher conferences (November 21 afternoon, November 22 morning).

Thank you to those who donated for Hurricane relief efforts. Our homeroom collected $30.00

The Race for ERducation will be this coming Friday, October 13th (FRIDAY the 13th!!!)


Grade 8:  Grade is studying the American Civil War. We will be analyzing the causes and the resources/advantages of both the North and the South.   Notes will be available via Google Classroom. We are fast approaching our consideration of the two key battles of the Civil War, Gettysburg in the east and Vicksburg in the west. From there we will move to Petersburg and the end.  The results both long and short term will be analyzed. There will be a Civil War test that includes a map, vocab, important people and battles, causes and results, and so on before Halloween.

Did you know that there are still results of the Civil War that influence our nation in 2017? (I know, it is obvious sometimes)

grade 7: This coming week we will focus on the establishing the Thirteen Colonies. We will categorize them into New England, Middle, and Southern. There will be geography skills and maps completed. There is a map on the Colonies test (before Halloween for sure). For each colony students need to know founders. For each geographic grouping (such as New England) students need to know products (whaling, ship building, fishing, lumber…etc)

Notes will be available on Google Classroom and each day via Smartboard. Much of this is available in their textbooks as well.

Remember: Students are expected to write the homework assignments each day as their first task even before prayer and the start of class. If a student does not have their homework assignment, they are expected to complete it as soon as possible. Students may come that day after school for a short time to complete their assignments. So far there have been several short assignments and some quizzes each week. These have been quickly evaluated and handed back to students. It is expected that students keep these returned items in their red Social Studies folders.

NOTE: Glencoe. has allowed the on line text book to expire. If you feel compelled to complain, please go to their website at

Mr. Rajczak is available after school for review, retakes if needed, and notes:
Tuesday until 3:25; Wednesday,Thursday, Friday until 4:00 if requested. If there is a teacher meeting called, these times may be adjusted. Changes are usually posted on my homework board in room 4.

What can you find there?
*Vocabulary review/flashcards…excellent stuff
*graphics such as this:
*sample quizzes and review, many other very helpful things
“Mr. Mule’ has always taught us that we can have a good day or not; the choice is yours. This can be applied to your study habits. Every single day I require that you review the day’s notes and complete any assignments given. I cannot study for you and your parents cannot study for you. All that is asked is that you give your best effort. I usually can provide at least three days after school each week to help students, even if it is just to clarify a point or provide a quiet place to work (I have four student computers with internet access). Teachers in our school are here to help you succeed. This will be my 34th year as a full time Catholic school teacher. I firmly believe that Catholic schools are the best. I feel St. Amelia’s has the best principal and staff anywhere. Students who give an honest effort are successful, are usually on the honor roll, and have a better transition to the high school you and family choose. I sincerely believe that this is going to be an excellent year!