Mr. Pytlik


Mr. Pytlik

2nd Grade Teacher

It is my first year as a teacher at St. Amelia School. I am a Buffalo State alumni with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education with a concentration in Social Studies. I come from a family of 5 being the oldest of 3 boys. I am extremely close to my extended family and love spending time with them being  outdoors, hunting, and watching hockey. After getting my Master’s Degree, I hope to continue teaching; possibly trying out other professions within the education system.

  1. I am currently engaged and getting married in June 2018!
  2. I love drumming and playing music with friends.
  3. I am a certified archery instructor!

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Classroom Information

Welcome to 2nd grade! I am very exited to get the school year started at my first year at St. Amelia. There is are many great things to cover this year and I look forward to growing together as a class!


For more information About whats going on in class please follow the link to my website, Thank you!