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Miss Evans


I am originally from Rochester NY and graduated from SUNY Fredonia with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Music Education. My main instrument is the piano and I love performing for musicals and choral groups. My favorite musical to perform for is Seussical the Musical! I also play the clarinet for the Dixie Land group called 23 Skidoo from Hamburg NY. As a hobby I love playing the quad drums for the Hamburg Kingsman.  My favorite (non-musical) hobbies are cooking, cross stitching, and reading. My favorite sports are biking, walking, and rock climbing.

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Classroom Information

Welcome St. Amelia’s Music Family!!!!!

I am so thrilled to be here as the new General Music teacher of the St. Amelia School community. A lot of exciting things are going to be happening this year for the students.


***Important Dates***

Christmas Musical: This year’s musical will be revealed sometime in September. All the students from grades 1st through 8th will be required to perform. The performances are December 6 at 12:45 PM and 7:00 PM at St. Amelia Church. Please put these dates in your calendars now. Sometime in October I will send out a notice to all teachers and parents/guardians in regards to volunteer opportunities. Check regularly this site, any notices that come home with students, and general emails I might send out for more details.

Please check back in January for Spring Performance dates and information.


Special Topics

8th Grade: Due to the transition of music teachers, the information about what topics the 8th graders chose last year has been lost. To make up for this all 8th grade classes will follow the same units from September to December. After the Christmas Musical the students will be given choices of special topics and personal projects to explore. Possible topics are African Drumming ensembles, Baroque Recorder ensemble with the addition of alto and tenor recorders, ukulele, and choir. More details to come.

3rd Grade Recorder: Students will be required to take a recorder class and are expected to purchase their own recorder. Order details will be made available sometime during the first two weeks of September. Recorders tend to be no more that $10 each. Recorder class for all 3rd Graders is Friday. Students are expected to be prepared for every class with their recorder. If a student forgets, the preparation part of the grade will be affected and students will have to utilize the school recorder. School recorders are not to be taken home and are for classroom use only.

4th through 8th Grade: While owning a recorder is not required it is highly recommended. We will be utilizing recorders for ensemble playing, composition, and other special units. I will notify students and parents/guardians in advance when recorders are needed. Students are more than welcome to buy their own and I will provide order forms. Other wise there are recorders in the classroom for the students to use. School recorders are not to be taken home and are for classroom use only.

Ukulele: Students from grades 5th through 8th will be using the school’s ukuleles. It is always encouraged for students to have their own for home practice, but it is not required.  Please check back for details concerning price range and order information. School ukuleles are not to be taken home and are for classroom use only. Please check back for more information about musical practice sign-up during advisement.


Classroom Management Policy

6th-8th Grade

Maintain a positive attitude and participate in class activities.

Understand practice is required and essential to your success.

Show respect for all instruments, people, and materials in the classroom.

Interruptions and rudeness are NOT tolerated. Raise hand before speaking.

Come to class on time, ready to learn, and with all of your necessary materials.

Students earn stickers on a classroom chart if “all” students follow the rules. The purpose is to get students oriented in an “ensemble” mindset rather than a “solo” mind set.

Every time class earns 4 stickers they can place a music note on the staff wall. All 6th through 8th grade classes will be composing a piece together with this wall. At the spring concert the composition will be presented by me or the students. If the students earn all their stickers, there may be a chance to create more compositions. The individual notes will be labeled to indicate which class contributed the note.

PK-5th Grade

Discipline: raise your hand and keep your hands to yourself

Respect: be nice to each other and take care of instruments

and Unity: following teacher’s directions with your ears and eyes

through Music: actively participating with a good attitude

Students earn stickers on a classroom chart if “all” students follow the rules. The purpose is to get students oriented in an “ensemble” mindset rather than a “solo” mind set.

If the students get 4 stickers, each student in the class will be able to earn a big VIP sticker to take with them.


Closing Comments

If you have any questions, please contact me via email.  My first priority during the school day is the students’ safety and education.  I will only check my email on breaks and during lunch. If you need me for any reason during the course of the day that requires immediate attention, please contact the office.

Thank you and have a musical day!!!