Summer Newsletter

Dear Parents:

“In the same way your light must shine before others, so that,
seeing your good works, they may give praise to your Father in heaven.” Matt. 5:16

As I begin my twenty-third year as principal of St. Amelia School, I am grateful for the many blessings
I have received. These years have been filled with some truly great memories and that is because of our
students, parents, and staff. This year we welcome our new pastor, Father Sebastian Pierro, who is the fifth
pastor assigned to St. Amelia Parish. We as a school welcome Father Sibby into our family.
The mission of St. Amelia School “is to provide a quality Catholic education that instills in
students the spirit of Jesus Christ in a positive, caring environment, which allows students to achieve
excellence and become responsible citizens in our community.”

Our mission invites our students to know, love and serve God – a call to sainthood. Recently, I had
the privilege to attend the Convocation of Catholic Leaders with 18 others from the Diocese of Buffalo and
approximately 3500 from around the United States. It is evident that our church is changing and needs our
help. We, by our Baptism, are called to be missionary disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ. Our theme for the
year will be St. Amelia School – Living the Joy of the Gospels!

As we begin another school year, we realize that you have put a lot of faith and trust in us to help your
child(ren) move forward in their understanding of God’s plan and in their preparation to succeed
academically. Hopefully, as you spend time with teachers, you will receive a better understanding of their
plans to accomplish these goals.

As educators, we realize that our environment is ever-changing. Expectations and thoughts on best
practices (ways to teach) continue to shift and evolve. Sometimes it seems like we have a constantly moving
target to try to hit. This year the staff is meeting every Monday to spend time developing a better
understanding of our students and their needs by constantly monitoring several data points, to collaborate
while looking at new strategies in education that will improve student engagement, open up the world of
STREAM and technology, and build upon our already existing educational toolbox through professional
development. Although this is just a small snippet of our focus, our ultimate goal in all of this is to move our
students forward in the understanding of their faith, provide tools for them to be successful in their ever
changing world, and build a foundation of knowledge for them to take along on the next steps of their journey.

Remember that we are here to be partners with you in education. Please do not hesitate to call or
email me if you need any help.

May God bless you all!

James Mulé


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