Summer Newsletter

Dear St. Amelia Families:

Happy summer to all our new and returning families! I hope you are enjoying the summer and taking
time for faith, love, family, and rest.

St. Amelia Parish is pleased to welcome our new Parochial Vicar, Rev. Peter Santandreu! Fr. Sibby,
Fr. Peter and our administrative staff have been busy planning and renewing our vision for St. Amelia School.

Pope Francis wants us to be fully aware of what it means to be baptized, to rejoice in the gift, and to
embrace completely the Christian way of living. So, let us ask: “What does it mean to follow Jesus?” In fact,
that question can be answered rather simply — It is a matter of listening and doing. An authentic disciple of
Jesus Christ is one who first listens to his Word and then puts it into practice. This is our mission as we are
all missionary disciples. Our school year will focus on that premise.

The safety of our children remains a constant priority. The faculty and staff of St. Amelia School are
continually being trained to appropriately respond to emergency situations. During the last week of August,
we have scheduled one of our staff development days to be devoted to safety training. Local law
enforcement, state police officers, and FBI representatives will be in house to provide a hands-on training and
simulation experience that certainly distinguishes our staff as being prepared in measures to protect our
children. We are aware that the greatest responsibility entrusted to us is keeping our children safe, and we
are committed to honoring that.

Some new measures will be in place beginning mid-August:
We purchased a device to scan government issued identification of all visitors that enter the building;
The front doors (Eggert Road) will be used for students in Grades K – 8,
St. Amelia Drive will be used for our Pre Kindergartner students ONLY.
Staff members will be assigned to assist you at both doors, please coorporate with them.

In approximately one month we will have our back-to-school orientation on Thursday, August 23,
2018. I wanted to take this time to give you some information and mail important paperwork home. Last
year we tried very hard to be paperless, putting more information on our website and Tuesday email blast to
all families. We ask that you become familiar with our Website for further back-to-school information and
updated information through the website. In hopes of becoming a more green school, we have attached in
this email those forms we agree are critical for all families to receive early. All these forms can also be found
on our website,, under News and appropriate sections.

Once again, things are busy in the summer. Our enrollment continues to stay above 600 students as
several grade levels are now full and have waiting lists for attendance. Besides painting, cleaning rugs, and
general maintenance, the school is a flurry of activity. We completed our three summer camps, each one
filled to capacity. We purchased new chrome books for all incoming 6th graders and the computer room and
library were redone and updated thanks to a generous donation from our Home School Association.

We have made summer reading as easy as possible — all we ask you to do is monitor your child
reading. Research has shown that it is important for children to read on a daily basis during the summer to
maintain and improve skills worked on during the school year. Please remember to complete the reading
log. Just a reminder that all students are expected to complete reading summer assignments before the
start of school; logs are due Friday, September 7, 2018.

Enjoy the remainder of your summer and God bless.

Yours in Christ,
Mr. James Mulé

Be it known to all who enter here that Christ is the reason for this school.
He is the unseen but ever present teacher in its classrooms.
He is the model of its faculty and the inspiration of its students!


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