Profile of a Graduate

Eighth Grade Catholic Graduate Profile

 The Eighth Grade Catholic School Graduate Profile provides a benchmark of excellence for students that are nurtured and developed in our Catholic schools.

 The profile is designed to identify the desired spiritual, academic, leadership, service and citizenship characteristics of our eighth grade graduates. We (Catholic school leaders, educators, parents, parishioners and stakeholders) are called to embrace these important qualities and to guide our youth in their development as: 

  • Young adults practicing faith, hope and love as fundamental virtues of life
  • critical and moral thinkers
  • bold leaders in answering the Gospel call by responding to the needs of others
  • 21st Century action oriented citizens

The task is great and the commitment is worthwhile.  Together we must work to nurture our youth to become beacons of hope, instruments of peace, and ambassadors for Christ.

Christ Centered

The 8th grade graduate…

  • Demonstrates and models Catholic Christian values, including respect and forgiveness for self and others
  • Forms a Christian conscience, evaluates moral choices based on the church’s teachings
  • Builds a personal relationship with Christ through the regular practice of  prayer and the Eucharist
  • Takes responsibility for exploring and validating one’s own faith
  • Responds to the needs of others in service with a compassionate and empathetic spirit
  • Practices his/her faith by worshiping on a weekly basis as part of an active faith community
  • Exhibits basic knowledge of Catholic beliefs, prayer, scripture and social justice teachings

Academically Strong

The 8th grade graduate……

Recognizes that learning continues beyond the classroom through various means and modes

  • Strives for personal best
  • Conveys information in an effective and clear manner

***reads, comprehends, applies, analyzes and evaluates various text and presented and selected materials

  • Uses technology as an educational tool, media device and communication tool
  • Studies a problem to formulate a conclusion relevant to the situation
  • Exhibits independent and creative thinking skills
  • Possesses a strong foundation in all areas of study


The 8th grade graduate…

  • Demonstrates confidence, that is, faith in oneself and one’s gifts
  • Exhibits humbleness through the qualities of modesty, humility, and meekness in times that would otherwise emphasize self-importance
  • Does the right thing and encourages others also
  • Portrays an optimistic and positive attitude
  • Accepts challenges and takes risks that develop their talents and abilities
  • Exhibits good sportsmanship
  • Plan and perseveres to achieve short-term and long-term goals
  • Demonstrates flexibility
  • Collaborates with others to achieve a common goal
  • Displays a good sense of humor


The 8th grade graduate…

  • Shares talents for the purpose of enriching other people’s lives
  • Develops an ongoing awareness of the proper and ethical treatment of others and his/her surroundings
  • Assumes responsibility and acts appropriately using resources that are available
  • Participates in giving, aiding and supporting others as a responsible member of society


The 8th grade graduate…

  • Views the environment as a gift from God and accepts his/her role as a steward of God’s creation
  • Understands that each person’s actions affect the surrounding community positively or negatively
  • Recognizes that it is his/her responsibility to give back to society through community service
  • Understands that the digital world has the potential to positively affect self and others if used responsibly
  • Takes an interest in social and global awareness issues as reflected in the Seven Principles of Catholic Social Teaching