Pre-Kindergarten 3 Year Old

Morning, Afternoon and Full Day Sessions are Available

"It's Great to be Me" at Three

Our pre-kindergarten program lets children explore, play and imagine. Designed to lead students from wonder to discovery, our program helps them associate learning with pleasure and fulfillment. Focus is on the process rather than the product. Hands-on projects introduce activities and materials to help children acquire sensory, motor, perceptual and language skills. The curriculum, within an age-appropriate framework, is adaptable to children’s varying needs and interests.

Daily Religion Lessons

Religion is taught in all grades every day. It is our goal to strengthen our identity as a Catholic school so the students will become positive contributors to society. Pre-K students learn:

  • Daily Prayers
  • Discovering the wonders of God

Readiness Work in all Subjects

Our programs prepare students for the next level in all subject areas including Math, ELA, Social Studies and Science.  Also included in our pre-k 3 curriculum is:

  • Physical Education
  • Daily Art Projects

Visiting Activity Programs

Our students also get to experience many visiting activity programs as apart of the curriculum.

  • Touch Tank
  • Local Fire Department
  • Zoo Critters

Character Building and Phonics Programs

Al’s Pals aids in developing young children’s social-emotional skills, problem-solving abilities, and healthy decision-making.  Magic Penny helps  thousands of students worldwide, to embrace their potential and master the skills of reading.

  • Al’s Pals – character and social skills building program
  • Magic Penny – phonics based learning program

Pre-K 3 at a Glance


  • Full-Time Certified Teachers
  • Full-Time Teacher Assistants
  • Cooperative Teaching with Certified Teachers

Program Highlights

  • Use of manipulative equipment to promote fine motor development
  • Hands on learning in all subject areas
  • Social  development of self and citizenship
  • Preparation for the 4 year old program

Before & After School Care

  • Morning and Full Day students are eligible for the before school care program
  • Afternoon and Full Day students are eligible for the after school care program

School Innovation

  • SMART Boards in each classroom
  • iPad carts available for each classroom
  • School wide Wi-Fi for streaming and learning