October Newsletter


Dear Parents:
As I think about what the beginning of the school year felt like, looked like, and is to each of us, the
mental image I see and feel is that of an embrace. It has felt as though we are all locked in a family embrace. We have joined together, arms locked, as a school and parish as we share who we are with one another. We are a family. We are a community. We are learners.

Raising a faith-filled family is no small job. At the pace of today’s family life, the last thing you need is
another set of tasks.

Imagine family faith and spirituality as a lens, or a set of criteria, through which your family looks at the actions in order to make them whole, true and beautiful. As I imagine that criteria not only helping your family grow in faith together, but also helping you make choices that lead to greater family unity and well-being.

Part of our focus this year at school is on our Catholic identity. Faith strengthens a family, whereas, you,
your family and the school family, work together, to bring Christ into our everyday life.

If you are not in the habit of praying regularly as a family, start with a simple mealtime prayer. Mealtime
prayers are good opportunities to remember and be grateful for our many blessings.

Add prayers of petition or intercession to your family prayer. Remember to include the needs of others
beyond your immediate family. When praying, include those who are sick, those without homes or food, and the needs of the world. Children will learn compassion for others in this way.

The Church holds a treasure of traditional prayer. You may choose to include one or two of these in your
family prayer time. Traditional prayer is a gift because it becomes something to rely on and go back to when you feel the need for something deeply connected to the Church. Remembering the lives of Mary and the saints, and asking them to pray for us is another way to feel connected to the Church.

Some traditional prayers that you could add to your family prayer include the Lord’s Prayer, the Hail
Mary, the Glory Be to the Father, the Morning Offering, the Apostle’s Creed, and the Rosary.

There are many ways that Catholics pray……….during the liturgy, in personal or private moments,
through communal or group devotions, and through meditation and contemplation. For families who want to become more prayerful, remember to make prayer a regular part of daily life, not just a Sunday duty or obligation. Through prayerful reflection, celebration and service, your family can become fertile soil, within which to grow faith and bear fruit for a needy world!

Sincerely yours in Christ,

James Mulé

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