May Terrific Kids

Every other month a “Terrific Kid” is selected in each class to recognize a student for working to the best of his/her ability to improve academic performance, behavior, relationships with peers, or attendance.

The Kiwanis Club of Ken-Ton sponsors the “Terrific Kids” program.  Students were awarded a certificate at our “Terrific Kids” assembly on Thursday, May 17th, 2018.

Congratulations to all our Terrific Kids in the Month of May!

Julianna Folaron

Cameron Wright

Riley Gawrys

Emily Juliano

Seamus McCrohan

Joseph Marlette

Anna Riddle

Molly Kennedy

Mariano Guadagna

Kenley Martin

Ryan Tucciarone

Lindsay Osei-Kwabena

Aiden Robb

Addisyn VanDewater

Nolan Hickey

Madeline Zastrow

Samantha Sly

Daniel Mucica

Daniel Sikorski

Bridget Carr

Louis Cannata

Samantha Bordonaro

Josephina Longo

Jack Occhipinti

Ally albini

Cassandra Streicher

Christopher Wright

Bailey Blanchard

John McMahon

Maya Mongielo

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