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Dear Parents:

In the whole history of the world, nobody had ever been quite as brave as Mary, a teenager from a little, unknown town in Israel.  Everything depended on what she would say when the angel Gabriel announced to her that she would become pregnant and give birth to the Son of God.  It is sometimes easy for us to forget that Mary had a choice.  After she heard what the angel had to say to her, she could have said, “No way!”  She could have thought about all the things she’d rather be doing.  But instead, Mary took a radical step.  She said to Gabriel, “Let it happen” according to God’s plan.  She didn’t make any bargains.  She didn’t say, “Okay, but if I do this thing for you, then you’ve got to explain to my mom and Joseph.”  Mary let God have her whole life, body and soul, with no ifs, ands, or buts.


Mary cared for Jesus with so much love.  May we be moved to help the needy and know the joy of generosity.  She showed the world a mother’s love.  May all those who are sick be comforted with love.  May 1st, 2018 we will be crowning Mary; let us pray that we can become as generous as Mary was with her life.

Mary is the most famous woman in history, and her impact on the life of Jesus, history, art, the Church, and people of all faiths is significant. And at Fatima, Mary offered to guide us as we strive to live the life God has called us to.

But who is Mary to you? And what role can she play in your spiritual life?

Mary is an incredible example of someone who embraced and lived God’s dream for her. Her yes changed the world. Mary can give us the courage and hope to say yes to God’s dream for our own lives.

Mary can help us get to know Jesus in a way that nobody else can. She offers a unique perspective as his mother. Nobody sees the life of a child the way the child’s mother does—not even the father. This is Mary’s perspective of Jesus’ life. Imagine what we can learn from her!

Just as Mary was incredibly close to Jesus on earth, she remains close to him now in heaven. Mary’s greatest desire is to bring us to her son. All we have to do is ask, and she will bring us, along with all our desires, needs, and struggles, directly to her son.

Mary’s yes changed the world. She can give us the courage and hope to say yes to God’s dream for our own lives.

One of my favorite poems is called, “Children Learn What They Live,” written by Dorothy Law Nolte in 1959.  Nolte quite simply reminds parents and teachers of their power to shape the minds and hearts of young children.  Among Nolte’s observations are:  “If a child lives with tolerance, he learns to be patient, if a child lives with acceptance he learns to love,” as well as “If a child lives with hostility he learns to fight and if a child lives with criticism, he learns to condemn.”


The Catholic Church tells us that “parents are the primary educators of their children.”  What an awesome responsibility!  Certainly, raising children is a joyful enterprise.  At times, however, it may seem overwhelming.


What are some practical ways that you can pass along your faith to your child?

  • Pray with your child in your home – at mealtimes, at bedtime
  • Attend Mass with your child and receive the Sacraments regularly
  • Model honesty and fairness for your child
  • Use every day experiences to teach your child moral and ethical values
  • Always treat others the way you would want your child to treat them
  • Remember, that whatever you say and do, your child is likely listening and watching—and learning from you


Never underestimate the influence you, the parent, have on your child and his or her faith development – as well as overall emotional development.  Your child’s greatest and most lasting learning takes place right in your own home.  Parents truly are the first and most important teachers their children will ever have.  What a marvelous gift God has placed in your hands!


Yours in Christ,


James Mulé


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