Full Day Program - Meets Five Days a Week

A Whole New World

Our kindergarten program lets children explore, play and imagine. Designed to lead students from wonder to discovery, our program helps them associate learning with pleasure and fulfillment. Focus is on the process rather than the product. Hands-on projects introduce activities and materials to help children acquire sensory, motor, perceptual and language skills. The curriculum, within an age-appropriate framework, is adaptable to children’s varying needs and interests.

Daily Religion Lessons

Students are encouraged to love one another as God loves them.  Strong character formation is developed through lessons on character traits.

  • Formal Prayers
  • Attend bi-monthly mass

Reading and Writing

Students develop an understanding of letters and sounds.  This will be beneficial when learning sight words and the formation of other words:

  • Sight words
  • Daily journal writing


Math instruction focuses on developing an understanding of numbers 0 – 20.  Students build vocabulary using numbers, words and study concepts such as greater than/less than.

  • Math concepts
  • Calendar math

Social Studies and Science

Community helpers, good citizens and safety are key topics covered throughout the year.  Current events are taught through the scholastic news “Let’s Find Out” magazine.

  • Al’s Pals – character and social skills building program
  • Magic Penny – phonics based learning program

Kindergarten at a Glance


  • Full-Time Certified Teachers
  • Full-Time Teacher Assistants

Program Highlights

  • Center activities provide opportunities for hands on learning
  • Creative lessons to develop growing minds
  • Physical Education, Art, Computers & Library
  • Preparation for St. Amelia first grade

Before & After School Care

  • Students are eligible for the before school care program
  • Students are eligible for the after school care program

School Innovation

  • SMART Boards in each classroom
  • iPad carts available for each classroom
  • School wide Wi-Fi for streaming and learning