Football Winners

Football Ticket Winners 18 - 19

PDF available for download

About the Football Ticket Fundraiser

The St. Amelia Home School Association will be selling raffle tickets, each with the names of three NFL teams on them.  Tickets are sold in sealed envelopes so you don’t know ahead of time which teams you will get.  If the total combined  points scored by your three teams is the highest for that week you’re a $300.00 winner!.  The  second place prize is $180.00 and the third place prize is $60.00.  Even if your ticket has teams that are real losers you could be a winner — the ticket with the three teams scoring the lowest combined score for the week wins $60.00!  That comes to a regular season prize total of $10,200!  And if all else fails we are also having an end of season drawing with total prizes worth up to another $3,000.00!

Your $10.00 ticket will be good for all 17 weeks of the NFL regular season.  That amounts to less than $.60 each week for a full season of fun!