February Newsletter


“Heavenly Father, thank you for the security I feel in placing my faith in You. Give me the strength to survive and the courage to thrive in the culture war around me. Defend me in this battle and inspire me to be an example to my friends of the love and understanding I see in the life of Your Son. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

Dear Valued SAS School Community,

As we finish out the celebration of Catholic Schools Week 2020 and all of the wonderful opportunities to celebrate community and togetherness, my mind drifts to the transformation of “community” with the addictive use of technology that is so prevalent in our society today, and follows with a challenge to each of us.

In the technological age millions of people claim they are not lonely or loners because they are connected. The click of a mouse to “friend” someone or to “follow” them leaves the basic human need of belonging unfulfilled. To be connected to someone is NOT the same as having a connection to someone. Connections are deep emotional feelings that allow one to feel empathy for and sympathize with another human being. The term connected implies a shallow and immediate response to a prompt. Many apps today keep a tally of the “friends” we have. I would argue that they are not true friends because while we are connected, there is no real human connection to tie us to each other and develop the connection required to be true friends. The ease of clicking a button to develop a connected life of so called friends has resulted in a generation that is missing out on the basic human need of true human connections and all the natural feelings that come with that including social and emotional responses, empathy, sympathy and perhaps most concerning a true sense of belonging to counteract the loneliness that technological relationships inevitably bring to us.

It is my hope that as we move forward with the second half of this school year, we can work together as a school community to begin a digital detox of sorts and begin to find alternative ways to develop true connections with those around us.

With gratitude,
Scott Kapperman



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