Faculty & Staff

We Have a Dedicated Staff

Standing at the top of their field, St. Amelia teachers are committed to the education and daily lives of their students. Faculty members enjoy teaching students and joining them in the creation of new knowledge. St. Amelia teachers think beyond disciplinary boundaries and guiding students. Our Faculty is accessible, approachable, and visible in the building.

Office Staff

Mr. Mulé
Rev. Sebastian Pierro
Fr. Peter Santandreu
Parochial Vicar
Mrs. Turri
Main Office
Mrs. Coleman
Mrs. Chameli
Business Manager
Mrs. Larson
Dean of Students
Mrs. Bagwell
Dean of Junior High Students
Mr. Kroczynski
Miss Mulhern
Mr. Kroczynski
Cafeteria Manager


Mrs. O’Day
Pre-K 3
Mrs. Milette
Pre-K 3
Mrs. Adymy
Pre-K 4
Mrs. Mayer
Pre-K 4
Miss Briandi
Pre-K 4
Mrs. Grande
Pre-K 4
Mrs. Perrello
Grade K
Mrs. Dudziak
Grade K
Mrs. Monaco
Grade K
Mrs. Tolnay
Grade 1
Miss Staff
Grade 1
Miss Kufel
Grade 2
Mrs. Riddle
Grade 2
Mr. Pytlik
Grade 2
Miss Martin
Grade 3
Mr. Reitz
Grade 3
Miss Kaiser
Grade 3
Ms. Halgash
Grade 4
Miss Kuchta
Grade 4
Mrs. Carroll
Grade 5
Ms. Marino
Grade 5
Mr. Likos
Grade 6
Mr. Metzler
Grade 6
Mrs. Dudek
Grade 7
Miss Maul
Grade 7
Mrs. McKay
Grade 7
Mrs. Scime
Grade 8
Mrs. Kane
Grade 8
Mr. Rajczak
Grade 8
Mr. Wojcicki
Physical Education
Mr. DeVille
Physical Education
Ms. Marton
French 6-8
Miss Evans
Ms. Lukas
Computers & Library
Mr. Seel
Tech Assistant
Mr. Szablewski
Mrs. Schiavone
ELA 7 & 8
Mrs. Hinds
After School Program
Mrs. Jackson
School Counselor
Miss Webb
Literacy Specialist
Mrs. Valeri
Literacy Specialist
Mrs. Kroczynski
Ms. Butler
Resource Teacher
Ms. Kibler
School Nurse
Mrs. Murdie
STREAM Coordinator and After School Tutor
Mrs. Newton
Math 6 and 6 AP, Math coach
Ms. Sovik
Title 1
Mrs. Metzger
School Psychologist

Home School Association

According to the HSA constitution, the purpose of our organization includes  “…an opportunity for the parents, faculty and school administration to cooperate in the mutual efforts to educate our children according to Catholic principles, bringing the home and school into closer relationship … to plan and execute short-term fund raising to improve, supplement, and aid the educational processes used in our school…to afford an opportunity for the discussion of common information about the school and parish community by maintaining liaison with the school and parish administration…”

At  St. Amelia School,  the  HSA not only meets these objectives,  it exceeds them. The education of our children depends on a strong bond between the Home and the School, hence HSA.  Many activities are sponsored by the St. Amelia Home School Association throughout the year to strengthen this relationship.  Activities they sponsor include:   Football and Pot ‘O Gold Raffles, Monte Carlo Night, Easter Candy Sale, Roller Skating Parties, Meal Ministry, Socials, Athletic Advisory, and the list goes on and on.

HSA Officers

Name Role
Lisa Scimé President
Meecie Tucciarone Vice President
Gaetana Galante Treasurer
Michael Gatas Secretary