December Terrific Kids

Every other month a “Terrific Kid” is selected in each class to recognize a student for working to the best of his/her ability to improve academic performance, behavior, relationships with peers, or attendance.

The Kiwanis Club of Ken-Ton sponsors the “Terrific Kids” program.  Students were awarded a certificate at our “Terrific Kids” assembly on Thursday, December 7th, 2017.

Congratulations to all our Terrific Kids in the Month of December!

Alexandra Carowick

Parker Bainbridge

Francesco Belsito

Joseph Stitzinger

Brooke Whitehead

Luciana Fanara

Evan Naab

Anaya McNamee

Emma Gugino

Ava Cavarello

Jonathan Landen

Ella Haseley

Dylan Shaw

Vivien Zent

Kaitlyn Jones

Haley Carver

Dominic Chayban

Emily McMahon

Lindsey Jones

Emma Luczak

Mary Hammersmith

Cidnee Frymire

Ariel Coronado

Patrick Reilly

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