December Newsletter

Dear Parents:

“It’s just not Christmas without Christ” is our theme for Advent 2018.


You wouldn’t have a party without friends, wrapping without a present, a cake without candles or a celebration without the birthday boy!   On December 25th we celebrate the birth of Christ: the day God entered his created world in the shape of a baby.

That is indeed cause for celebrations. But it’s not the whole cause.  Because Christmas Day is not the whole story, it’s just the opening chapter. Our celebrations can only be complete if we embrace what that baby went on to do in his life, why he did it and what it means for us.


In 1957 a lovely Christmas song was introduced by Harry Belafonte.   Each Christmas I hope and long to hear this meaningful song.  As the song says: ‘Man shall live forever more because of Christmas Day’, that’s why we celebrate Christmas.   Jesus is who, what and why we celebrate. The real story, the full story, begins with a manger and a birth, and ends with the cross and a resurrection.  Without the cradle, there can be no cross.   Without a cross there can be no Easter and Resurrection.


Yet recent research reveals that 40% of people do not even realize that Jesus was a real person who actually lived.  For without Christmas there can be no Easter; and without Easter there is no point in Christmas: we need to protect and project our Christian foundations.  This Christmas remember to keep “Christ” because Christmas starts with Christ.


The Christmas carol, “Mary’s Boy Child”, means a lot to me because I am a person who appreciates Christmas a lot, the lyrics mean a lot because it describes the birth of Jesus Christ and how a king was born on Christmas day and saying what happened and the people who saw Jesus and the shining star and the angels and how he was born in a stable and that it was a long time ago, in Bethlehem:


“And We Shall Live Forevermore Because of Christmas Day”,

and so our story continues because of what happened on Christmas Day.


On behalf of everybody at St. Amelia School, we wish you, your family and the students a holy and peaceful Christmas and every blessing for the New Year.


Sincerely yours in the Peace of Jesus,


James Mulé


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