December Newsletter

Dear Parents:

Remember that feeling as a kid of counting down the days left in school before Christmas break?  It is so exciting counting down the days and experiencing the wait with the kids here at school.  I am so blessed to get to feel like a kid again every Christmas.   But we must remember that Advent is a season that we are celebrating now as we prepare for the Birth of our Savior.

We have many activities and prayer experiences waiting for your child as we begin a new church year – Advent.  The whole school community is looking forward to a well-earned rest. The prospect of Christmas cheers us and lifts our spirits away from the cold and dark weather of the season.

A Blessed Advent Season, a Celebration of the Birth of Christ!  In preparation for the celebration of the birth of Christ, we recommit ourselves as disciples of Jesus.  This Advent Season, God calls us to renew our faith and refocus our hearts as individuals and as members of the school community.  It is a time to reflect on how we can be better disciples in our daily lives, and as a school community, it is a time to recommit to our mission of providing a world-class Pre K to Grade 8 Catholic education for the greater community.  With the new year upon us, we thank the Lord for all of our blessings.  St. Amelia School sincerely appreciates the continued support from our families and greater community

I do hope that as parents you will encourage your son or daughter to attend the Sacrament of Reconciliation and Mass during the Christmas holidays.  It is our duty to proclaim Christ’s birth and to ensure that the real message of Christmas is at the forefront of our hearts rather than the worldly commercialism that seems to begin earlier and earlier each year and detracts from the true meaning of Christmas.

I would like to acknowledge the contribution of staff, parents and students to St. Amelia School in 2017. Walt Disney once said ‘You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful ideas in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality’.  This is certainly the case as a principal.  The reality is that the learning experiences and projects that have taken place this year could not have happened without a great deal of commitment and support from the staff, parents and students.

Our teachers are privileged each day to participate in their students’ spiritual and academic journey. They recognize and applaud just how hard their students try.  They celebrate their students’ achievements whether they are great or small and they share with pride the progress their students make with their learning.   Not a week goes by that we are not as a school celebrating the successes of our students, whether these successes are in the classroom, playing an instrument, on the sporting field or competitions such as X Stream Games.

As a school community we also treasure the opportunities where we worship together and celebrate our class prayer assemblies. It is through these opportunities that we experience the message that God loves us in creative and engaging ways.

I am sure that you would like to join with me in thanking all of the faculty and staff at St. Amelia School for their continued tremendous hard work and commitment to the students of the school during the year.  In doing so, we as a staff take our hats off to our Home and School Association and every parent for being a partner with us in this great commission forming disciples!

On behalf of everybody at St. Amelia School, we wish you, your family and the students a holy and peaceful Christmas and every blessing for the New Year.


Sincerely yours in the Peace of Jesus,

James Mulé



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