Bradley Milette – Class of 2000

Name: Bradley Milette

Graduation year from St. Amelia– 2000

High School– North Tonawanda High School

College– NCCC &  Canisius

Q. What have you been up to?

A: I have recently finished my eighth year teaching physical education/ health education. I have taught 6 of those wonderful years at Catholic Academy of West Buffalo. Then my teaching journey continued into the Buffalo Public Schools for two years.

I have had great pleasure and opportunity serving students as the health & wellness committee Chair, and coordinator for Playworks Recess program. In addition, coordinating the fitness for kids program while coaching basketball and track as head coach this past year.

Q. How did your academic experience at St. Amelia School prepare you for the future?

A: My academic experience at St. Amelia School has prepared me well in my faith journey. The education from St. Amelia and my family lead me where I am today with my faith. If it wasn’t for the academic foundation and love from the teachers I wouldn’t have the amount of involvement and dedication in youth ministry.

Q. What teacher or subject influenced you the most at St. Amelia?

A: I was fortunate enough to have Ms. Emminger as mu eighth grade teacher. I felt she believed in me even when it was hard to believe that I could. Her extra patience and help gives me patience and hope that I have for my students.

Q. What life lessons did you learn at St. Amelia?

A: I’ll never forget in first grade our whole class received ice cream because of our actions. We as a class used our mannerisms and how respectful we were to all in the school. Sister Bronisha had realistic yet high expectations as we were at a young age. I’ve also learned many life lessons from my coaches through the years. The importance of commitment, how to be part of a team and most important patience.

Q. What advice would you offer to today’s graduates of St. Amelia?

A: When I spoke a few years back at the St. Amelia graduation I wanted the students to imagine themselves succeeding. My example of this was simple, you are a beanbag that just lays there and doesn’t get up when you hit the ground? Or a bouncy ball when hitting the ground you get right up and keep moving forward? Are you a beanbag or a bouncy ball?

Q: What advice would you give to parents considering St. Amelia School for their child?

A: Do it! You will have no regret being part of the St. Amelia Family. The passionate parents, teachers, staff and administration are committed to excellence. The opportunities to grow in all areas of development are available.

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