Welcome Back SAS Alumni

St. Amelia School alumni have strong ties to our community. Whether at high school, away at college, or in the workforce, our graduates like to visit us, volunteer their time, and in some cases, enroll their own children as students at our school. We have alumni today who are community leaders, teach our students, serve on our School Board and Home School Association, and are active in both our school and parish life.

Our alumni look back with fond memories and often tell us the same story about how when they left St. Amelia School, how well prepared they were for their next step in education, rooted with a strong foundation of faith to support and inform their decisions.

Mr. Joseph Kroczynski, Advancement
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Alumni News

Featured news articles about our Alumni and their success story.

Strengthening Relationships

We aim to strengthen relationships between school alumni, students, and the school community by maximizing communication between the school and its consitutuents.

Catholic schools are a proven product.  Today, despite their strong history of academic excellence, Catholic schools are faced with tremendous challenges including school closures resulting from their inability to keep up with rising costs.  However, through the help and support of graduates like you, we have been able to maintain a strong presence in our community!