Timothy Beltrami – Class of 2013

Our first Alumni Spotlight is Timothy Beltrami who graduated in 2013. Here is what he had to say:

Name: Timothy Beltrami

Graduation year from St. Amelia– 2013

High School– Canisius High School

College– Rochester Institute of Technology

Q. What have you been up to?

A: I recently graduated from Canisius High School with the honor of having the seventh highest cumulative GPA in my class of approximately 200 students. I was also recently named to the WNY Scholar Athlete team for varsity bowling. During all four years of high school I was the head of the auditorium tech crew, and I was inducted into the National Honor Society.

Q. How did your academic experience at St. Amelia School prepare you for the future?

A: St. Amelia prepared me extremely well for high school. A lot of students have difficulty adjusting to the workload of high school, so I expected the transition from St. Amelia to Canisius to be a challenging one. However, it was, to my surprise, a breeze. Because of my grade school education, I was able to maintain First Honors all throughout my time at Canisius.

Q. What teacher or subject influenced you the most at St. Amelia?

A: Mrs. Schiavone’s English class was definitely the biggest influence in my time at St. Amelia. By the time I reached high school, I was leaps and bounds ahead of the other students when it came to grammar and sentence structure.

Q. What life lessons did you learn at St. Amelia?

A: Two ideas stick out to me: service and leadership. If I hadn’t been exposed to the idea of community service at St. Amelia, I don’t think I would have such a great appreciation for it as I do now. It was a huge part of my time in high school, and I know it will continue to be a part of my life in the future. Also, by the time I graduated, I was prepared to move on to high school, where I assumed various leadership positions: on the lighting crew, in robotics club, on the JV bowling team, as a Freshman Retreat leader, and as a Big Brother freshman mentor. St. Amelia provided me with various opportunities to gradually develop the qualities of a leader before taking the next step in my education.

Q. What advice would you offer to today’s graduates of St. Amelia?

A: Don’t blink. I had teachers tell me all throughout high school that my four years would fly by. They were right. Challenge yourself in high school, but don’t forget to enjoy your time there.

Q: What advice would you give to parents considering St. Amelia School for their child?

A: If for no other reason, consider St. Amelia School for their focus on character development. It is in no way a small school, but the staff and teachers still manage to provide individual attention to each and every student. Yes, the academics are great, but St. Amelia stresses the importance of good character and faith. It is something that is unparalleled by any other school that I have seen.

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