Our administration team provides leadership, discipline and guidance for our school


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Mr. Scott Kapperman

Dean of Students

Dean of Junior High Students

Our Core Values

Affirming Faith

  • We believe the Holy Spirit inspires all that we do
  • We embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ and encourage a personal relationship with God the Father
  • We acknowledge the diversity of others and their beliefs

Awakening Knowledge

  • We strive for academic growth in all subject areas
  • We recognize that learning continues beyond the classroom
  • We embrace new technology that promotes creative, collaborative learning

Aspiring to Serve

  • We share talents for the purpose of enriching other peoples lives
  • We develop an ongoing awareness of the proper and ethical treatment of others
  • We participate in giving, aiding and supporting others

Assuring Leadership

  • We prepare students for leadership and service in church and society
  • We celebrate integrity and seek fair choices
  • We honor the St. Amelia School tradition

Advancing Character

  • We lead through example and are accountable for our actions
  • We believe and promote our Catholic values
  • We affirm good judgement and trustworthy behavior