Our curriculum is perfectly aligned to meet and exceed New York State standards, assuring a premier academic experience for your child.

A Place to Learn and Grow

St. Amelia School is a “learning community” where values are developed, friendships grow, and knowledge is attained. The school is firmly established in the community, dedicated to excellence in education since 1955. The mental, physical and spiritual capabilities of the individual are enhanced by the curriculum. St. Amelia School is chartered by the New York State Board of Regents and complies with all its requirements


Religion is taught in all grades every day. It is our goal to strengthen our identity as a Catholic school so the students will become positive contributors to society.

Language Arts

Language arts is taught in all grades through the use of Literature and life experiences. Through our Integrated Language Arts program, all aspects of language arts are present.


In our mathematics curriculum, there is a strong emphasis on concepts and application, as well as computation. Each grade reinforces and extends the skills already introduced.


The science curriculum utilizes the scientific method of instruction and a hands-on approach. Topics within the science curriculum are introduced and expanded upon in order to be age-level appropriate.

Social Studies

The social studies curriculum seeks to prepare our students to identify, understand and to work to solve the problems that face our American nation within the framework of Catholic values.

Important Dates

Our Core Values

  • Affirming Faith
  • Awakening Knowledge
  • Aspiring to Serve
  • Assuring Leadership
  • Advancing Character

Inspiring Excellence Every Day!